The Upcoming Kid’s Nike Air Force 1 Low Cover with Floral Graphics

The Upcoming Kid’s Nike Air Force 1 Low Cover with Floral Graphics


Compared with the 2020 event, Air Jordan 1 Mid kept a low profile in mid-term, but has previewed some upcoming styles in the past four months. In addition to being clearly rooted in the traditional color scheme of the Chicago Bulls, the silhouette of the mid-end top has already appeared in the course of some experiments. For example: a child-only option made with corduroy upper part. Although familiar with other claims under the Nike umbrella, corduroy did not appear on the first AirJordan model, and was defeated by leather, fleece and even satin. For the upcoming children's application, the thick cotton fabric presents non-white, light pink and deep red tones, and the outline of the final color animation swings. The sole maintains a tried-and-tested white makeup, while the NikeDunk outsole uses a "dark red hue" hue.

During its 39th anniversary, New Air Force 1 has appeared in some orchestras, inspired by the fighting spirit of Mexican women to the carnival culture of St. Petersburg. However, Bruce Kilgore's iconic design has taken the outdoors by storm, mainly using "white" colorful floral patterns. Like the most common iteration models in the Bronx and Harlem, the uppers of this upcoming shoe are all "colorless" smooth leather. The midfoot panel deviates from the all-"white" aesthetic and uses soft gold to complement the swing of the deep navy silhouette. The only equipment on Air Force 1 is not applicable, but the label on the tongue and heel panel is not applicable. However, their most defining feature is not non-"white" makeup, but their use of flower graphics; purple, green, and yellow shades animate these areas while nodding at the same time.

2020 Jordan Sneaker,Through inspiration from Nike Space Hippie and Nike Dawn, combined with crater foam and reground rubber, Waffle Racing Crater seems to have done it all. For the upcoming color scheme, understanding that the outline of sustainable development will return to its roots, select another checkbox from the list of unlikely combinations—especially through the combination of two vibrant, high-contrast tones . This new pair is different from the recent release because it ditched the white upper part and dark accent for a comprehensive color approach. Just like the pure voltage and pink explosion products launched for the first time, the latest waffle racing crater makes its soft foundation and leather accents in bold tones, especially bleached water and speed yellow. The bleach is applied to the entire soft nylon upper, while the yellow is applied to the side boots and heel labels. To balance these bright moments, suede photonic dust covers the toes and heels. For the sole unit, a light blue crater foam midsole is wrapped by a reground rubber outsole to increase grip. A tribute to traditional runners, the design is completed with a signature waffle outsole.